Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2021


GRI 102-16 Values, directives, standards and codes of conduct

Compliance at Geberit does not just mean adhering to applicable laws and regulations in the relevant areas, but also includes guidelines for social, economic and environmental responsibility. High ethical and social standards are defined and Geberit commits to sustainability and integrity. Compliance within the company is based on the Geberit Compass, the Geberit Code of Conduct for Employees introduced in 2007 and last revised in 2018, and the Code of Conduct for Suppliers.

A decentralised compliance organisation and a consistently implemented compliance programme in all relevant risk areas form the basis of the high-quality compliance standards at Geberit. The main compliance activities for Geberit encompass the areas antitrust legislation (GRI 206), corruption (GRI 205), data protection (GRI 418), product liability (GRI 416, GRI 417), fundamental employee rights (Communication on Progress Principles UNGC 1-6) as well as environment, health and safety (GRI 307, GRI 403). For details, see Business Report > Business and financial review > Financial Year 2021 > Compliance.

Other specific guidelines that are important to Geberit are: