Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2021


GRI 102-28 Processes for evaluation of the sustainability performance of the Board of Directors

Geberit’s long-standing success is based on the fact that the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Board pursue a long-term perspective, thus enabling the company to demonstrate its performance clearly in areas including sustainability. There is no formal procedure for assessing the performance of the Board of Directors from an integrated sustainability perspective. As part of the annual review of the sustainability strategy, findings are discussed and areas where action is needed are determined, see GRI 102‑29.

Geberit’s remuneration policy states that remuneration programmes must be balanced between the reward of short-term success and long-term value creation. For information about the remuneration of the management bodies, see Business Report > Remuneration Report.

From 2022, the achievement of objectives regarding the reduction of the relative CO2 emissions (CO2 intensity) has been integrated as an additional, equal fifth criterion in the bonus matrix for members of Group management as well as employees in Switzerland. This means the annual objectives for emissions are now relevant to bonuses for some 220 managers and a total of around 1,500 employees, see also Business Report > Business and financial review > Financial Year 2021 > New CO2 strategy.