Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023



Delivery capability and product availability in logistics ensured

At the end of 2023, Group logistics comprised the central logistics centre for installation and flushing systems and piping systems in Pfullendorf (DE) as well as a decentralised network of 13 European distribution sites for ceramic appliances and bathroom furniture.

The situation in logistics largely stabilised in the reporting year. Group logistics at Geberit was already able to reach the desired availability targets for the entire product range at the start of the year, and also maintained this at all times throughout the year as a whole. Customers were supplied with the entire product range at the usual high level.

Despite the very challenging situation in the reporting year with a significant decline in volumes, productivity in the logistics network even slightly increased compared to the previous year.

Further automation and ergonomic improvements

In 2023, a new system for optimising and automating how ceramic sets are put together was put into operation in Lintorf (DE), and achieved significant increases in productivity. The desired results were already achieved shortly after commissioning, not least in terms of ergonomics and the physical relief of employees.

Reliable partnerships in transport management

In 2023, enough cargo space was available and the shortage in freight capacity stabilised. However, the shortage of truck drivers across Europe was a critical point. Despite this, the associated challenges were overcome thanks to close partnerships with the transport service providers.

Geberit’s transport service providers are contractually obliged to actively support Geberit in its efforts to use energy and packaging material efficiently and to reduce emissions. Additionally, they also have to provide the corresponding data for Geberit’s environmental reporting. As part of the Group-wide harmonisation of the SAP-ERP system, the standardisation of the planning and transport process was continued in Lintorf (DE) in 2023. Additionally, investments were made in a clean truck fleet and the use of larger loading units. In particular, this led to optimised truck capacity utilisation when delivering cisterns. Further initiatives led to additional synergies and a reduction in the number of empty kilometres (see also Green logistics).