Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023


The flushing-out performance of the Geberit Acanto toilet has been improved. The new TurboFlush technology guides the water through the ceramic appliance in a powerful vortex.

The inner geometry of the bowl was redesigned and hydraulically optimised. In combination with a Geberit concealed cistern, the Acanto toilet can reach its full potential and achieves a flush performance that is up to ten times better than that demanded by the norm. Innovative installation technologies and an easy-to-remove WC seat and lid result in significantly easier and faster installation.

Geberit wall-hung WC with transparent display of the water, which is perfectly directed and hydraulically optimised by the TurboFlush technology
Guided perfectly and hydraulically optimised, the water flushes out the WC ceramic appliance.
Geberit TurboFlush macht's möglich: Der dynamische Wasserwirbel sorgt für Sauberkeit im WC

Geberit TurboFlush does the job: the dynamic water vortex ensures cleanliness in the toilet.