Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023


Sawing, milling, gluing and screwing together: Geberit operates its own furniture plant in Poland. The declared aim is to take the bathroom furniture business to new levels in terms of delivery capability and quality.

The Geberit factory for bathroom furniture is located on an industrial estate in the Polish town Stryków. Instead of hot plastic, metal or ceramic slip, the smell of wood and glue drifts through the air. The mission of plant manager Robert Krecker and his 15-strong team is to take care of manufacturing bathroom furniture in-house instead of purchasing furniture from elsewhere.

Step by step

Stryków was a conscious choice as the site of the Geberit furniture factory. It is only 20 kilometres away from the Geberit plant in Ozorków, with whom it shares logistics resources and more. The factory is currently expanding the range of bathroom furniture it manufactures.