Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023


Freedom of association (GRI 407)

Management approach freedom of association

The right to join forces for common aims and purposes – particularly in the form of unions – is a human right. It is therefore one of the fundamental rights of the employees at Geberit – regardless of the respective national circumstances. Not all countries in which Geberit is present have legal regulations governing freedom of association. Nonetheless, Geberit gives this personal right of the employees a higher priority than the economic risk of a strike. Rather, it forms the basis of fairness and respect for the employees.

Employees are completely free to join trade unions, associations and similar organisations. No rights with respect to exercising freedom of association or collective bargaining as defined in the ILO core labour standards and the UN Global Compact are subject to restriction at the Geberit Group. Measures such as regular meetings as part of the Geberit Europe Forum support exchanges between our employee representatives.

Non-compliance with the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining (GRI 407-1)

According to the annual Group-wide survey of the Code of Conduct, no infringements of the guarantee of freedom of association and collective bargaining were identified in the reporting year.