Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023


An industrial company from Germany is fitting out its new headquarters with Geberit Connect. The innovative system connects over 40 sanitary appliances in the building. This makes maintenance and inspections simpler and more efficient.

When urinals and toilets flush by themselves, there are no magic tricks at work – instead, this is all due to Geberit Connect. Nowadays, many Geberit products are fitted out with flush controls that are able to communicate and thus carry out flushes automatically. The appliances can be programmed, their function monitored by sensors and their activities logged.

Geberit Connect

Maintaining drinking water hygiene and the operational safety of the sanitary facilities are the two most important fields of application. Furthermore, statistical data can also be exported to analyse and document how the system is used.

Baptism of fire in North Rhine-Westphalia

Geberit Connect has been successfully installed and tested at the new headquarters of the machine and equipment construction company Westfalia in Borgholzhausen (DE). Using the new system, the building technicians carry out the maintenance of over 40 sanitary appliances, such as urinals, taps, cisterns and hygiene flush units. The control units on the individual appliances are connected with each other via the Geberit Connect Gateway and integrated into Westfalia’s building automation system.

Networking ensures efficiency

Instead of having to inspect each system individually or read out usage data, the building technicians only have to connect to the Connect system using their mobile phone via the Geberit Control app or the building automation system. This brings many advantages for operators of large sanitary facilities, explains Bernhard Grieser, Head of Digital Products at Geberit. “Thanks to Connect, the operator can verify the hygienically flawless operation of their drinking water installation, as well as gain insights into the usage and maintenance profile of their installation and react accordingly. This reduces their operating costs and gives them peace of mind.”

Geberit Connect networks all controls and sensors of sanitary systems via the Geberit Connect Gateway
Geberit Connect links all control units and sensors in sanitary facilities via the Geberit gateway.
The Geberit Connect Gateway is installed in the control cabinet at Westfalia and wired using Geberit GEBUS cables
The Geberit gateway is installed in the switch cabinet at Westfalia and wired using Geberit GEBUS cables.
Westfalia uses Geberit Connect to control its sanitary facilities in the new company building
Westfalia uses Geberit Connect to control its sanitary installations in the new building.