Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023



Geberit positions itself as an attractive employer and strives to offer jobs of the highest quality. The corporate culture at Geberit is characterised by a simple, functional organisation as well as a high degree of personal responsibility. In this way, Geberit motivates every employee to exploit their potential to the full and contribute to the success of the company.

Geberit’s most important ambassadors are its employees. They represent Geberit in their day-to-day contact with customers and many other stakeholders. As the employees embody the company and its values, Geberit has defined its central corporate and brand values in the Geberit Compass. Geberit aims to act as a role model for ethically unimpeachable, environmentally friendly and socially responsible operations. The Geberit Code of Conduct fills this objective with tangible content and offers an important orientation guide. The revision of the Compass and Code of Conduct is planned for 2024. In addition, Geberit continues to develop its internal communication with employees.

Committed, well-trained employees with comprehensive know-how are decisive to the company’s future success. Geberit positions itself on the job market as an employer with an open corporate culture and international development opportunities at the interface between craft, engineering and sales. Potential employees are increasingly being addressed via digital channels. Whilst classic job advertisements and direct contact are still used, employee portraits and success stories are also utilised, see > Insights.

The responsibility for all material aspects of the GRI Standards with respect to labour practices at the Geberit Group lies with the Head Corporate Human Resources, who reports directly to the CEO.