Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023


Family, a management position and a full-time job – Julia Dreher from Group Logistics in Pfullendorf (DE) demonstrates that these three roles are not mutually exclusive.

Julia Dreher is a mother of two small children and works full-time as Head of Logistics Planning at Geberit Group Logistics in Pfullendorf. When asked how she is able to juggle everything, her answer is clear. “Everything works out fine,” she says. Her husband works part-time, and a childminder and the extended family take care of the rest. She works full-time and her husband part-time – if it were the other way around, no one would ask questions.

Julia Dreher in the Geberit warehouse
Julia Dreher demonstrates that family and career are not mutually exclusive.

Interface between logistics and the Group

Julia Dreher has worked in logistics planning since 2016 – in an ever-changing environment and between different areas. She acts as the interface between logistics and the Group. “Ultimately, we have to make sure the products are added to the pallets so everything fits in terms of volume and weight.”

Julia Dreher has headed up the department since November 2022. She brought with her experience and a degree in international management. These were the ideal prerequisites for this position. Julia Dreher returned to work full-time after her maternity leave. She had already told her supervisor of her wishes long before the vacancy in management became known. “The opportunity only came up when I was already back working again.”

View of logistics in Pfullendorf, Germany
A look at the logistics department in Pfullendorf (DE).

Making the most of the opportunity

She had been thinking about what goals she wanted to set for herself career-wise for some time. “Is it right for me, and can I balance a leadership role and family? I came to the conclusion that if an opportunity presented itself, I would be happy to do it.” The rest is history, and Julia Dreher has managed the juggling act with aplomb.