Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023


Non-discrimination (GRI 406)

Management approach non-discrimination

Due to its market position and size, Geberit is an important company in the Swiss industrial landscape and in its own sector. This is why Geberit feels compelled to play a pioneering role when it comes to ethical and social matters, such as non-discrimination in matters of gender. While this is a legal requirement in some countries, it has not yet been achieved in most of them. With a non-discrimination approach that extends beyond the prevention and sanctioning of discrimination, Geberit can make a contribution to the elimination of social and systemic inequalities. The company also strengthens its reputation, its employer brand and its corporate culture with a consistently implemented non-discrimination policy.

The Geberit Code of Conduct forbids discrimination as defined in the International Labour Organization (ILO) core labour standards. Geberit does not tolerate either discrimination or workplace bullying on the basis of skin colour, gender, religion, creed, nationality, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental handicap, marital status, political views or other characteristics protected by law. The company aims to offer a safe working environment for its employees. All forms of workplace violence, including threats, threatening gestures, intimidation, attacks and similar forms of behaviour are forbidden. Compliance with the Code is verified annually as part of a Group-wide survey in order to minimise risks due to violations of the principles of non-discrimination.

According to the Geberit Code of Conduct, employees who openly address irregularities which represent breaches of applicable law, ethical standards or the Code of Conduct are acting correctly. In doing so, Geberit employees are contributing to their own protection, that of their colleagues and the protection of Geberit’s rights and interests.

If issues should occur, employees should seek a personal meeting with their supervisor. The Geberit Integrity Line is available to all employees as a whistleblower hotline in the corresponding language. The service is intended to enable employees to anonymously report cases that represent breaches of applicable law, ethical standards or the Code of Conduct. The Integrity Line is operated by an external company with experience in this area, and is available seven days a week around the clock.

Cases of discrimination (GRI 406-1)

According to the annual Group-wide survey of the Code of Conduct, there were four cases of sexual harassment in the workplace in the reporting year. Three of the accused people were given a warning and referred to the company social counselling office and one accused person has left the company; the cases are now closed. There were also two reports of bullying which are still being clarified. No incidents of discrimination were reported.