Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023


Koło has become Geberit. The majority of the Polish ceramics brand is now marketed under the Geberit name. What sounds a simple process was actually a major project. But the hard work was worth it.

Over 500 showrooms throughout Poland were refitted: a major logistical project for the head of marketing and project manager Krzysztof Brzezinski
Over 500 showrooms across Poland were refitted. This was a major logistics project for Head of Marketing & Products and Project Manager Krzysztof Brzezinski.
Monika Podosek, Regional Manager at Geberit, in the office
“Thanks to the brand switch, we can now also apply for more prestigious projects.” Monika Podosek, Regional Manager, Geberit



Over 500 showrooms across Poland were refitted.

The Geberit sales company in Poland has been working hard on a major project for over a year. Eight years after Geberit acquired the Polish ceramic brand Koło as part of the Sanitec Group, the majority of the Koło portfolio is now being sold under the Geberit name. This consists of five ceramic series including furniture that make up more than 60 percent of sales of ceramic appliances and furniture in Poland. At the same time, the range of Geberit ceramic appliances and furniture in the higher price segment has been expanded in Poland.

Switch at over 500 showrooms

The rebranding of ceramic appliances formerly labelled with the Koło logo was just a small part of the job. “This was a major project that also brought us together as a team,” explains Krzysztof Brzezinski, Head of Marketing & Products. The work here has paid off. The advantages of the brand switch can be seen in the video.

We bring the best of both worlds
together in the bathroom.

Krzysztof Brzezinski, Head of Marketing & Products, Geberit (PL)