Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023


In India, Geberit has reason to celebrate: over 100 skyscrapers in Mumbai are fitted with SuperTube.

Geberit SuperTube is a space-saving, technically sophisticated alternative to the usual configuration of drainage systems in high-rise buildings. Smaller pipe dimensions and the absence of a parallel ventilation pipe lead to significant space gains.

The Mumbai skyline is a breathtaking sight. Hundreds of skyscrapers dominate the urban landscape of the city, which is home to over 20 million people. Sixteen of the 17 tallest buildings in India are in Mumbai, including the five tallest. Geberit is present in over 100 of these skyscrapers with its SuperTube technology, which ensures efficient and space-saving drainage of high-rise buildings.

The excitement of Marketing Manager Manohar GM is clear for all to see. “This has been a terrific achievement when constructing high-rise buildings in India,” he comments. The source of these high spirits is a first in the history of Geberit SuperTube – namely over 100 installations in a single city.

A new slogan for a new era

This major success in Mumbai marks the start of a new era for SuperTube in India. The Managing Director of the Indian sales company, Abubaker Koya, comments: “The system has now become established here.” This is reflected in the new slogan: “If it’s high rise, it must be Geberit” – Geberit SuperTube should be the standard for high-rise buildings across the country. With a new campaign already in the books and valuable feedback from impressed customers, the Geberit sales company in India has now set its sights on the next major cities: Hyderabad and Delhi are planned as the future SuperTube hotspots.

Omkar Alta Monte: 232 metres tall, 53 floors, 800 apartments
Omkar Alta Monte: 232 metres tall, 53 floors, 800 apartments.
Viceroy Savana: 134 metres tall, 34 floors, 784 bathrooms
Viceroy Savana: 134 metres tall, 34 floors, 784 bathrooms.
Prestige Siesta: over 200 metres tall, 54 floors, 1,100 bathrooms
Prestige Siesta: over 200 metres tall, 54 floors, 1,100 bathrooms.