Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023


The sanitary conditions at Ananda School in the Indian village Hudarait are precarious. Eleven Geberit apprentices installed the toilets and washbasins in the new sanitary wing here.

A Geberit tradition

Each year, Geberit apprentices are given the opportunity of demonstrating their skills as part of a project aimed at supporting social institutions in poorer countries. Geberit provides the materials and the apprentices install them under technical supervision.

Setting up the sanitary installations at Ananda School in India was a twofold challenge, says Geberit apprentice Tobias Lacher: “On the one hand, none of us had studied as a plumber. On the other hand, the conditions on site were particularly difficult.” For example, the walls were crooked and some first had to be plastered.

Following a training workshop, the eleven Geberit employees mastered their tasks with aplomb in Hudarait in West Bengal (eastern India). Take a look for yourself – mediamatics apprentice Laurina Nimtz documented the Geberit social project 2023 in a short film.