Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023


Geberit has landed a big fish in South Korea. In Incheon, a GIS project came about, the likes of which the sales company responsible had never seen before.

Hillstate Prugio Juan, Incheon (KR)

Building owner: Hyundai and Daewoo

Architecture: Juan Ramo Design Group

Completed: 2023



  • 5,800 GIS prewall installations
  • 65,000 metres of GIS frames

The Geberit installation system (GIS) has been a success for the past 30 years. In Western Europe, GIS is an established solution for prefabrication in many countries, and now the system has been discovered in Asia. In the South Korean city Incheon, the two conglomerates Hyundai and Daewoo implemented a gigantic skyscraper project. The "Hillstate Prugio Juan" consists of 22 buildings and contains almost 3,000 residential units.

Geberit installation system (GIS)

With the GIS complete sanitary walls consisting of support system, installation elements and system panels are created in just a few steps, right up to the tileable surface. A single person can carry out the entire installation alone.


Innovation in many forms

The sanitary engineers were looking for new installation methods in the bathroom. GIS was the answer. “In South Korea, people usually build with classic brick,” says Alex Shin, Head of Sales at Geberit in South Korea. “Prewall installations, such as those made possible by GIS, are rare. The cistern goes in front of the wall.”

The GIS system now hides the cistern in the wall and allows for prefabrication in the workshops of the local sanitary company. In record time, an impressive 5,800 GIS prewalls were prefabricated and put into place. Sixty-five thousand metres of GIS frames are now installed in the towers at Hillstate Prugio Juan.