Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023


Sustainability 2023 at a glance

62.6 %

Eco-efficiency on track

Since the integration of the energy-intensive ceramics production in 2015, Geberit has improved its eco-efficiency by 62.6%.

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CO2 intensity significantly reduced

Since the integration of the energy-intensive ceramics production in 2015, Geberit has been able to reduce CO2 intensity by 63.2%.

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- 63.2 %
EcoVadis sustainability rating label with

Gold medal from EcoVadis

In 2024, the Geberit Group was awarded the Gold Medal by EcoVadis for its sustainability management. This puts Geberit in the top 5% of the more than 100,000 companies assessed.

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On the road with green electricity

Geberit relies on electricity from renewable energy sources. In 2023, over 78% of electricity came from renewable energy sources.

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78 %
- 80 %

Saving water

The careful use of water as a valuable resource is of key importance to Geberit. Innovative Geberit sanitary products help to save water. According to a model calculation, water consumption for toilet flushing in the home has decreased since 1952 by around 80% thanks to Geberit dual-flush and stop-and-go cisterns.

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Hard at work for better hygiene

Eleven Geberit apprentices installed sanitary appliances at the Ananda School in India to improve the hygienic conditions there. 246 schoolchildren benefit from these improvements.

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Geberit trainees transport sanitary installations for a social project in a school in India
Diagram of the Geberit product life cycle, showcasing eco-design, material sourcing, production, green logistics, usage, and recycling

Over 180 eco-design workshops

Over 180 new products have been developed in line with the Geberit eco-design principle since 2007. Every new product should be better than its predecessor from an ecological perspective.

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Transparent information

In 2023, around 34% of Group sales was accounted for by products with transparent, externally inspected environmental product declarations.

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34 %
Cardboard boxes with the Geberit logo on a conveyor belt, indicating packaged products ready for distribution

Reduced packaging

One-third less material compared to the old packaging and a significant reduction in annual CO2 emissions: the packaging of the Geberit AquaClean Mera and Sela Round shower toilets was optimised in 2023. This marks the start of a comprehensive packaging strategy.

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Safety at work

The occupational health and safety of employees are of the highest importance. Geberit continuously improves processes and infrastructures to reduce the risk of accidents. These efforts are making an impact: since 2015, the accident frequency rate has fallen by 36% and the accident severity rate by 42%.

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- 36 %