Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023


From simple wooden cisterns through to the first plastic cisterns and sophisticated ceramics, the name Geberit has now become a byword for high-quality sanitary products and functional design. Geberit celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2024.

Aged just 24, Albert Gebert opened a tinsmith’s workshop in Rapperswil (CH) back in 1874. In 1905, he developed the Phoenix – a wooden cistern lined with sheet lead. It was the first toilet cistern manufactured in Switzerland. It became popular thanks to its high-quality, durable design, and the plumber’s shop became a manufacturing business. The company moved into its first major factory in 1921.

The first plastic cistern

The third generation of the family took over in the 1950s in Heinrich and Klaus Gebert. The two brothers took the plunge and entered the field of plastics processing, developing the first cistern made entirely of PVC – an absolute first in the sanitary industry. The plastic cistern quickly became a bestseller and helped the company to grow rapidly. With a clear focus on sanitary technology, the company became the European market leader in the decades that followed. The family sold the company in 1997. Two years later, it was floated on the stock exchange. Nine years ago, Geberit acquired the Sanitec Group, an important manufacturer of bathroom ceramics and furniture in Europe. From this point on, the company combined advanced sanitary technology behind the wall with functional products in front of the wall.

Founding father Albert Gebert (1850-1909)
Albert Gebert (1850–1909): the founding father
Heinrich and Klaus Gebert, the Geberit brothers
Heinrich and Klaus Gebert: the two brothers expanded the family-run company into one of Europe’s leading sanitary technology groups.
Historical wooden cistern production in Rapperswil, early 20th century
Cisterns as far as the eye can see: production of wooden cisterns in the first half of the 20th century in Rapperswil.
Opening of the first factory in Rapperswil, 1921
The first factory in Rapperswil: opened in 1921 after two years of construction.
 PVC cisterns introduced in the 1950s quickly become sales sensations
The first PVC cisterns were an immediate bestseller in the 1950s.
1964 concealed cistern: Revolutionizes global bathroom design by integrating into the wall
Concealed cistern from 1964: the cistern is hidden behind the wall and changed the look of bathrooms around the world.

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