Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022


Many people do not have access to development opportunities if they haven’t completed some form of professional training. Geberit supports talented employees who want to get a vocational qualification as an adult – as was the case with Mevljudin Memedi.

School, apprenticeship, vocational qualification: this is what many people face as they start their professional career. A vocational qualification is the key that will open further doors. Without it, many of these doors will remain closed permanently. There are a number of different reasons why you might not have this important document in your portfolio, such as difficult biographical circumstances.

Mevljudin Memedi explaining something to his team collagues
Today, Mevljudin Memedi (centre) heads up a team of twelve.
Portrait of Mevljudin Memedi at a production site
“Here they see the person, not their origin,” Mevljudin Memedi.

With Geberit’s support

Geberit supports employees who want to get a vocational qualification at a later date – as was the case with Mevljudin Memedi. Having completed a vocational qualification, he now works as shift manager at the site in Rapperswil-Jona (CH).

The long path towards becoming shift manager

Mevljudin Memedi came to Geberit in a roundabout sort of way. His father, a seasonal worker from North Macedonia, brought the family to Switzerland in 1992. But it took Mevljudin Memedi quite some time to feel at home here. After giving up his apprenticeship, he worked on construction sites and in a factory. It was not until he was 27 that he decided: “I can do and wish to do more.”

One year later, he started to work for Geberit. It didn’t take long for his potential to be recognised. With Geberit’s support, Mevljudin Memedi completed an apprenticeship as a plant operator. Today, two years after finishing his qualification, he is responsible for twelve people in his shift. He feels a great sense of gratitude when he looks back at the support he was given: “Here they see the person, not their origin. Here they see a person’s potential and strengths.”