Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022


A small QR code is making a huge difference. Thanks to this code, the MasterFix fittings require much less packaging material.


football fields

of plastic foil are saved per year thanks to the new packaging.

The FlowFit MasterFix is an adapter that can be used to connect cisterns to the water supply – quickly, easily and without tools. Since a link to the installation manual is lasered onto the protective cap of the MasterFix fittings in the form of a QR code, there is no longer any need for packaging each individual fitting. “Although small and inconspicuous, the QR code has a great effect,” says Martin Granzotto, Project Manager Industrial Engineering at the Geberit site in Rapperswil-Jona (CH). The impact is considerable: Geberit saves 58,000 sqm of plastic foil per year, the same as eight football fields. In addition, 1.8 tonnes less cardboard are needed. Together with the paper saved for the adhesive labels – which until recently were stuck onto the plastic bags – this material reduction lowers CO2 emissions by 24 tonnes per year.