Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022


GRI 2-17 Enhancement of top management’s and Board of Directors’ related know-how on economic, environmental and social issues

Internal business processes are designed to ensure continuous improvement and innovation. These values are closely associated with the Geberit brand. At the same time, stakeholder concerns are taken seriously, and the Group Executive Board and Board of Directors receive feedback and input for the continued development of the sustainability strategy from the external stakeholder panel, for example.

The members of the Board of Directors have in-depth knowledge in their respective areas of expertise. Together, they ensure that the Board of Directors has all the necessary competencies. This also includes ESG/sustainability, see Business Report > Corporate Governance > 3. Board of Directors.

In compliance with the Organisational Regulations, the Board of Directors undertakes at least one assessment of the way in which it works together every year. This includes an assessment of how well-informed the members of the Board of Directors are about the Group and its business performance.