Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022


Rustic on the outside and luxurious on the inside. In Norway, you can rent a fairytale castle made of wood as a holiday home – and try out a shower toilet from Geberit while you’re there.

Fairytale Castle, Lyngdal (NO)

Building owner: Knut Eivind Birkeland

Architect: Knut Eivind Birkeland

Completion: 2022

Geberit know-how:

  • AquaClean Mera shower toilet
  • CleanLine shower channel
  • myDay washbasin, bathroom furniture and mirror

Knut Eivind Birkeland likes thinking outside the norms. He builds holiday homes in Norway that are out of the ordinary. For example, a tree house or a swimming tent. His latest design is a forest cabin, close to the Norwegian town of Lyngdal, that he has styled on the lines of a fairytale castle.

This holiday home with nine rooms is more of a fairytale castle than a lumberjack’s cabin. In this case, castle means that the interior design certainly satisfies high demands and is also built on experimental lines.

Geberit makes dreams come true

“I’m a dreamer,” says Knut Eivind Birkeland. “Even though the cabin is in the middle of a wood, I tried to opt for exclusivity and top quality.” Geberit solutions helped him in his plan. The bathroom is equipped with an AquaClean Mera shower toilet, a CleanLine shower channel and a myDay washbasin from Geberit.

Katharina Sølvberg, Head of Marketing at the Geberit sales company in Norway, is very enthusiastic about the project: “It is so pleasing to see how our bathroom solutions have complemented this creative project in a picturesque environment.”

A playful side

For owner Birkeland, there is a playful side to the cabin being equipped with a shower toilet. He is convinced that there are prejudices about toilets with a shower function. “But they soon disappear when the people try it out for themselves.” And that means that the cabin is not just a fairytale castle, but also a shower toilet test centre.

Owner and builder Knut Eivind Birkeland sitting in the bathroom
Owner and builder Knut Eivind Birkeland had a Geberit shower toilet installed in the bathroom.