Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022


Anti-corruption (GRI 205)

Management approach anti-corruption

As a member of Transparency International Switzerland and the UN Global Compact, Geberit is committed to high standards in combating corruption. Corruption is categorically rejected. There are clear, internal guidelines on prevention which are communicated to all employees, and employees receive training in this area. Compliance with the guidelines is monitored as part of an annual survey at all Group companies. The Internal Audit Department conducts additional on-site audits. In the event of misconduct, corrective measures are taken. For further information about the compliance system, see GRI 2-24.

Operations subjected to reviews on the risk of corruption (GRI 205-1)

The annual survey at all Group companies contains a range of questions aiming to identify incidents of corruption. The topic of corruption is also a component of the audit programme for the periodic inspections of the production plants, sales, logistics and management companies by the Internal Audit Department. The annual audit planning of the Internal Audit Department is oriented to risks. Each company is audited at least every five years, or considerably more frequently if it has a high risk profile. In 2022, the Internal Audit Department audited a total of 23 companies.

Communication and training on anti-corruption (GRI 205-2)

All new employees at Geberit are trained on the Code of Conduct as part of the Welcome events. Among other things, specific training films on the topics of corruption, IT misuse, workplace bullying and sexual harassment are deployed especially for this.

All employees are also provided with information via the intranet about what is permitted and what is not. The guidelines on the correct handling of donations (i.e. anti-corruption guidelines) are updated regularly and made accessible to the affected employees in Purchasing and Sales via the various communication channels.

Incidents of corruption (GRI 205-3)

According to the annual survey carried out at all Group companies and the audits conducted by the Internal Audit Department, there were no cases of corruption in 2022.