Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022


Data protection (GRI 418)

Management approach data protection

In terms of data protection, numerous enquiries from Group companies have been dealt with on a variety of topics, with the prime focus on IT, HR, marketing and communication. The Geberit Group’s data protection management system has been further complemented and enhanced by adding, updating and optimising the comprehensive documentation and technical tools. Several Group companies were subjected to an internal data protection audit.

Around 4,000 employees took part in eLearning modules on data protection in 2022. Furthermore, there are ongoing situation-related training sessions on this subject for the data protection coordinators as well as the employees from various departments. Around 80 people took part in these special training sessions during the reporting year.

Complaints concerning violations of customer data privacy (GRI 418-1)

In the reporting year, there were no relevant complaints concerning violations of customer data privacy.