Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022


Diversity and equal opportunity (GRI 405)

Management approach diversity and equal opportunity

Geberit offers all employees the same opportunities and strives towards finding the best candidate for every position. Geberit supports diversity and promotes equal opportunities irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, skin colour, age, religion and nationality. In its Code of Conduct, Geberit emphasizes the importance of promoting diversity and creating a culture that enables all employees to develop their full potential in the company.

Geberit pursues a fair and non-discriminatory employment practice in accordance with prevailing national and international law. Recruitment, training courses and promotions depend solely on individual performance, as well as skills and potential regarding the requirements of the position in question.

Protection of the principles of equality is anchored in the Geberit Code of Conduct. This includes the prohibition of discrimination against any employee on the basis of gender. Fair and equal pay for women and men is guaranteed as follows:

  • Job assessment by function in accordance with the proven Korn Ferry Hay method on the basis of know-how, thinking ability and accountability. All jobs are pooled in a Group-wide grading system. The resulting grade is the basis for determining an employee’s pay. This guarantees gender-neutral, fair salary structures.
  • Binding wage agreements with set pay grades at many Geberit sites.

Diversity has been shown to contribute to greater productivity in a company and increases its appeal for both existing and future employees. Geberit has the goal of reinforcing its position as a responsible and attractive employer with specific measures with regard to a heterogeneous workforce. In the reporting year, the company carried out a strategic review. In a survey, more than 1,600 employees from over 30 countries shared their opinions on diversity, equal opportunity, the promotion of women and the reconciliation of family and working life in the company. Around 75% of those surveyed agreed with the statement that Geberit offers a diverse and inclusive environment. At the same time, 53% would welcome further targeted measures in the area of diversity, primarily for an improved reconciliation of family and working life. The representative survey is used as a starting point for drawing up a Group-wide directive with local standards.

230 full-time positions are filled by employees with disabilities. Furthermore, assembly and packaging work at various sites amounting to around 185 full-time positions is consciously awarded to external workshops for people with disabilities, see Social responsibility. As a result, around 400 full-time positions are created for employees with disabilities, corresponding to 3.5% of all full-time positions. The share of inclusive workplaces (internal and external workshops) should be further increased in the medium term.

Diversity of governance bodies and employees (GRI 405-1)

The proportion of female employees at the end of 2022 was 24% (previous year 24%), and for management this figure was 11% (previous year 11%). The six-member Board of Directors has two female members, which represents a share of around 30%.

Geberit would welcome more women in managerial positions. However, as is typical for the industry, the number of women in management is only increasing slowly at present. The proportion of females in Geberit’s most important customer target group – plumbers – is also extremely low. For example, in Switzerland the proportion of female plumbers is lower than 3%.

People of all ages work together hand in hand at the company. Senior employees pass on their knowledge to the next generation, and in turn benefit from the new perspectives offered by the young talents. 15% of the workforce is under 30 years of age, 42% between 30 and 45, and 43% over 45. Around 20% of employees have worked at the company for periods in excess of 15 years. The goal is to have a good mixture of ages.

For key figures on diversity in terms of gender and age structure, see Key figures sustainability > Employees and society.

Ratio of remuneration between women and men (GRI 405-2)

According to the annual survey of all Geberit Group companies, no differences between the basic salaries of women and men exist anywhere within the Group.

An equal pay analysis carried out in 2021 at all Geberit companies in Switzerland confirmed that equal pay between female and male employees is upheld. The certified auditors PwC checked and confirmed that the analysis was carried out correctly.