Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022


GRI 2-9 Governance structure

The Board of Directors determines the strategic objectives and the general resources for achieving these, and decides on major business transactions. For details about the internal organisation of the Board of Directors and its committees, see Business Report > Corporate Governance > Board of Directors > Internal organisational structure.

The operating management structure of Geberit is broken down into seven Group Executive Areas:

  • CEO Division
  • Sales Europe
  • Sales International
  • Marketing & Brands
  • Products
  • Operations
  • Finance

The assignment of clearly distinguished responsibilities minimises the number of interfaces. For more details about the organisational structure, see Business Report > Management structure.

At the end of 2022, the Board of Directors was composed of six non-executive, independent members. Albert M. Baehny is Chairman of the Board of Directors. The composition of the Board of Directors should reflect strategic requirements, the company’s targets, geographical presence and corporate culture. The Board of Directors should be diverse in every respect, i.e. in terms of gender, nationality, geographical/regional experience and business experience. The members of the Board of Directors have in-depth knowledge in their respective areas of expertise. Together, they ensure that the Board of Directors has all the necessary competencies. All of the committees formed by the Board of Directors are comprised exclusively of independent members. For further details, see Business Report > Corporate Governance > Board of Directors.