Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022



Overall Responsibility/Editorial

Geberit AG
Corporate Communications
Schachenstrasse 77
CH-8645 Jona


Geberit AG, Rapperswil-Jona;
sustainserv, Zurich and Boston

Concept, design and technical realisation

nexxar GmbH, Vienna


Ben Huggler (Highlights “Always the right spare parts on hand”, “All about the flow”. “Detective work in the laboratory”, “Flushing with Phoenix – day after day”, “Technical triathlon”, “Holograms bring efficiency”, “ Back to dealing with numbers and people”, “ Protection against dust”, “Compact packaging”); Bruno Klomfar (Highlight “Close the curtain – it’s getting colourful!”); Chantal Stadler (Highlight “Time for action!”), Chiela van Meerwijk (Highlight “The big dream of a small home”), Domagoj Karačić (Highlight “Eight countries – one team”), Johan Ljungqvist (Highlight “High-pressure ceramic production”), Julia Dunlop (Highlights “A career with many twists and turns”, “Holograms bring efficiency”, “15,000 bathrooms in the land of the Pharaohs”), Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG und Philipp Schuppli / creaNatira GmbH (Highlight “Geberit focuses on green electricity”), Leonardo Pelucchi (Highlight “Forza Geberit!”), Marcin Mossakowski (Highlight “Clean water for Badipati”), Miquel Gonzalez und Van der Valk Shipyard (Highlight “FlowFit on the high seas”), Museum of the Future (Highlight “A building with 1001 stories”), Rafał Cwenk (Highlight “Made light”), René Lamb (Highlight “A passion for fire protection”), Seraina Boner (Highlights “Digital bloodhound”, “Intelligent shelves for small parts”), Sergant AG (Highlight “Perfectly off”), Simon Koller (Highlight “A film of earth and fire”), Tobias Singer (Highlights “Parallel careers”, “Franzl and Bertl always find a way”)


Ben Huggler (Highlights “Flushing with Phoenix – day after day”, “Protection against dust”, “Compact packaging”); Chantal Stadler (Highlight “Time for action!”); Corinne Stehli (Highlight “15,000 bathrooms in the land of the Pharaohs”); Laurina Nimtz (Highlight “Intelligent shelves for small parts”); Marcin Mossakowski (Highlight “Clean water for Badipati”); Pierina Engelhard (Highlights “Parallel careers”, “Franzl and Bertl always find a way”); Rafał Cwenk (Highlights “High-pressure ceramic production”, “Made light”); Scanderbeg Sauer Photography (Highlight “A film of earth and fire”); Seed (Highlight “15,000 bathrooms in the land of the Pharaohs”); Sergant AG (Highlight “Perfectly off”)

The statements in this review relating to matters that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements that are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to: future global economic conditions, foreign exchange rates, statutory rulings, market conditions, the actions of competitors and other factors beyond the control of the Company.

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