Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022


If the connections in a stack are not in line, the plumber is then usually faced with a lot of time-consuming work. This is no longer an issue thanks to the Geberit Silent-db20 Offset fitting.

Sometimes, things just don’t fit like they should. If the connection points of the stacks in the floor and ceiling are not lined up precisely with each other, then this is an extremely annoying situation for the plumber. Additional bends have to be installed to compensate for the difference, which is a time-consuming and complicated task. Thankfully, an alternative is available that makes the everyday work of the plumber easier – the Geberit Silent-db20 Offset fitting.

Fewer parts, easier installation

Thanks to a movable ball joint, the fitting allows for stacks to be connected easily – even if they are not perfectly in line. Axial offsets of up to 10 cm can be compensated for. Installation is as easy as with the other Geberit Silent-db20 fittings. As a result, the time required for installation is substantially reduced.

The good sound insulation offered by the Geberit Silent-db20 pipes is also ensured in installations with Geberit Silent-db20 Offset fittings. Using the fitting, the stack is kept more or less straight and the water is diverted smoothly. This is a big plus from an acoustic perspective. A sliding bracket – and thus a physical connection between the pipe and building structure – is also no longer needed, which reduces the transmission of structure-borne sound.

A men looking at the Geberit Silent-db20 Offset ensuring tension-free connections
Not in line, yet perfectly connected: the Geberit Silent-db20 Offset ensures tension-free connections in a stack.
Installation of the Geberit Silent-db20 Offset
Quick, simple installation: the plumber can save a lot of time using the Geberit Silent-db20 Offset fitting.
Geberit Silent-db20 Offset fitting
The fitting has a movable ball joint.