Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022


Anti-competitive behaviour (GRI 206)

Management approach anti-competitive behaviour

The prevention of anti-competitive behaviour is a matter of top priority for Geberit. Anti-competitive behaviour of any kind is categorically rejected. An internal antitrust audit was carried out at several sales companies in 2022 to verify compliance in this area and also to improve it.

In the reporting year, the antitrust legislation eLearning course was adapted and rolled out in the USA, China, South Africa, South East Asia, Australia and India. Otherwise, the focus of the training courses was on first-line sales managers, of whom around 100 managers from seven European sales companies underwent in-depth training. For 2023, further training courses are planned for sales managers from the EU sales companies.

As part of numerous enquiries from the Geberit markets, Corporate Legal Services once again dealt with the permissibility of a wide range of marketing and sales activities under competition law in the reporting year. The enquiries demonstrate a marked sensibility among the employees in the area of antitrust legislation.

The external audit of the Geberit compliance organisation by KPMG carried out in 2021 also covered the area of antitrust legislation and closed with good results.

Legal proceedings due to anti-competitive behaviour
(GRI 206-1)

The suspected case from the previous year was closed without further consequences. There were no new cases in the reporting year.